Viewing Entries Related to Habakkuk 3:8-15

Bible Passage

3:8 Was the Lord mad at the rivers?

Were you angry with the rivers?

Were you enraged at the sea?

Such that you would climb into your horse-drawn chariots,

your victorious chariots?

9 Your bow is ready for action;

you commission your arrows. Selah.

You cause flash floods on the earth’s surface.

10 When the mountains see you, they shake.

The torrential downpour sweeps through.

The great deep shouts out;

it lifts its hands high.

11 The sun and moon stand still in their courses;

the flash of your arrows drives them away,

the bright light of your lightning-quick spear.

12 You furiously stomp on the earth;

you angrily trample down the nations.

13 You march out to deliver your people,

to deliver your special servant.

You strike the leader of the wicked nation,

laying him open from the lower body to the neck. Selah.

14 You pierce the heads of his warriors with a spear.

They storm forward to scatter us;

they shout with joy as if they were plundering the poor with no opposition.

15 But you trample on the sea with your horses,

on the surging, raging waters.

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