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FaithTree is a growing group of ministry collaborations from Christians around the globe. The portal brings together news, weather and devotional materials. Online (and in-person) prayer walks, Bible studies and worship festivals take place at

Explore more Biblical resources at Grow. Relax with fun with our free games, Biblicle (the original Bible-based Wordle-like game) and Anagramle. Read and listen to insightful cultural commentary at Open for Business.

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For over two decades, we have offered a free and customizable Christian start page. Whether you want a classic "My Page" portal experience or a modern news feed of your favorite content, is here for you and remains free and free of advertising.

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Get updates from your favorite news sources and blogs, see the weather at a glance for the places that matter to you and even change the color scheme to make it feel like "home." Your FaithTree is yours.

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FaithTree is unique: not only does it gather news and content from your favorite sites, it brings those things together with Scriptural encouragement, too. Enjoy a daily Bible verse and get pointed to great devotionals whenever you log on. Search the Bible and find sermons that speak to the passage you look up. FaithTree helps you stay connected to God's Word and God's world in one place.


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How can be completely free of cost and ads? FaithTree isn't just an Internet portal. In 2016, FaithTree Christian Fellowship was born as a non-profit "multi-generational ministry" to young adults in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area and live streaming around the globe. We hope as you enjoy the portal, you will take the time to learn about and pray for our outreach efforts.

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