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FaithTree Network Privacy Policy

Universal Networks, LLC (“Uninet”) and FaithTree Christian Fellowship, Inc. (collectively, “the FaithTree Network”) collect user information, on a solely optional basis as part of account registration, donation processing and to gain personalization features such as custom weather, news and stock reports. This information is purely used to produce the advertised functionality amongst the FaithTree Network of sites, and will never be sold or leased.

Unsolicited E-mail Policy

Universal Networks, FaithTree Christian Fellowship and our affiliates are avid opponents of unsolicited (“spam”) mail. We only send our newsletters to those who explicitly opt-in to receive updates. If you receive mail that appears to be from us, but you have not requested it, either someone else forged your information and subscribed for you, or the origin of the message should be questioned. We will gladly work with you to fight such abuse. For help, contact abuse@serverforest.com.

Data Deletion

The FaithTree Network may retain certain user identifiable information for service improvements and service diagnostics. You may request deletion of that data by contacting us at contact@uninetsolutions.com.


While the majority of the FaithTree Network is supported exclusively by the generosity of donors like you, Open for Business is supported by third party advertising. You can read the extended privacy policy that only applies to users who make use of the Open for Business web site here.