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Winter Weather Policy

In case of inclement weather on the day of an event, we have a simple overview of our winter weather policy.

International Student Fellowship at Lindenwood

International Student Fellowship (ISF) is a student organization which celebrates and supports the unique diversity of the Lindenwood University student body. The core of this group is the international student population, but it draws its vitality and energy from everyone open to growing with us, including local community members. At ISF you can make friends and be a friend so your stay in the U.S.A. is fun, meaningful and connected.

Lindenwood Lutheran Student Union

The Lutheran Student Union is a distinctly Lutheran organization that gladly shares the love of God and His amazing grace through Jesus Christ with anyone and everyone who would hear it — regardless of faith background!

What is FaithTree?

FaithTree aims to encourage young adults with Christian fellowship, connecting believers from different churches and campus ministries for worship, prayer and thought-provoking conversations about faith. We are a ministry led by and rooted in churches around our area; you can learn more about our story here.

Opening Extravaganza 2017

We Launch A New Year on September 10!

We're going to have a fantastic combination of great food, fun summer games, music and more! This will be a great night to get to know those in the different campus ministries, get plugged in (or reconnected for the year) and just have fun. Please sign up right away by going to our Opening Extravaganza Facebook Event.

Lindenwood Cru

Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ

Lindenwood Cru's purpose is helping to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others and helping the body of Christ to do evangelism and discipleship through a variety of creative ways.

Support Us as You Shop

Shop for the things you already need and these merchants give back!

Did you know that you can help support FaithTree every time you shop? Schnucks Markets and both offer programs that allow you to identify your support of FaithTree and have them donate to us (at no cost to you) every time you shop. If you already need to buy things, why not make those purchases work towards spreading the Gospel and discipling students? Please register your support today.

Calvary Church

Calvary Church began in 1962 when a small group of people mortgaged their homes to start a church in St. Charles. While lots of things have changed since then, Calvary's core values have not. For more than fifty years, Calvary's leadership has been committed to Inspirational Worship, Transformational Growth, and Irreplaceable Impact.

Grace Baptist Church

Grace Baptist Church is a gathering of imperfect people attempting to glorify God by obeying Him. We don't do this perfectly but strive through His strength to increase in our obedience.

Harvester Christian Church

Harvester exists to lead people to find and follow Jesus. We seek to do that by helping people explore the faith, embrace community, engage in service and empower disciples.

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