Faithtoberfest Prize Central

Prize the Night.

What would Faithtoberfest be without prizes? Well, it'd still be a festival celebrating God's goodness with great music and fun. But, this is Faithtoberfest, so there are prizes, too!

How do you win prizes this year at Faithtoberfest? All week long -- and during Faithtoberfest itself -- you can gather "prize tickets" right here at Prize Central. We will draw those tickets during Faithtoberfest. The more you have, the more likely you are to win a number of prizes including a $100 Amazon gift card!

Ready. Register. Set.

You need to register for a free FaithTree account in order to earn prize tickets and win prizes at Faithtoberfest. It takes only a moment to register or login if you already have a FaithTree account.

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Earn Prize Tickets All Week

Every day this week, you can earn extra prize tickets just by visiting our all-new Simply sign up for an account and then visit different parts of Each day, you can earn tickets for going to the front page, to the Feed Reader, to the Weather Desk and by searching the Bible (via the front page Bible search tool). Your ticket counter on this page increase as you do!

Spread the Word. That's the Ticket.

Once you are registered and logged in, there will be a unique Faithtoberfest address you can share right here. Post it to social media, e-mail it, print it on a banner and have it pulled behind an airplane -- whatever way you can help get the word out for Faithoberfest works. When you do, you'll get one prize ticket for each friend who stops by to learn about Faithtoberfest!

Join in Faithtoberfest.

There will be more opportunities to gather prize tickets throughout Faithtoberfest itself, live October 14 at 7:00 pm (Central) in person at 335 Droste Road in St. Charles, MO or live streaming at The prize drawing will also happen live that night. Make sure to come or watch online -- you must be watching when the prize is drawn in order to win!