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Rearrange Widgets in Widget View or Feed Reader

You can arrange the widgets on your Widget View or Feed Reader page by going to the “Personalize” menu and clicking “Rearrange Widgets.”

When in “Rearrange Widgets” mode, you will see all of the movable widgets start to wiggle much like when you move app icons around on your phone. In order to move widget blocks, click or tap and drag the block you wish to relocate to the place you want it to be.

On the Widget View (the three column view you typically see first when loading FaithTree.com) you can move any of the widget blocks to any of the three columns. On the Feed Reader, you can rearrange the left column by dragging things into the order you would like. Since the right column changes as new stories come in, it is not able to be rearranged in the Feed Reader mode.

Once you’ve arranged things to your liking, click the “Done” button at the top of the page to finalize your arrangement.