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Welcome to FaithTree

Your Customizable Christian Portal

We’re so glad you’ve joined us! Here’s how to get started with your page:

Get the News You Can Use. Pick from a great selection of channels covering news, weather, culture, the Christian life and more. View them as widgets or go to “Feed View” to see them in a stream that lists only stories new to you. Something missing? Almost any site can be added as a “custom channel.” Click the Personalize menu on the upper right to begin.
Your Weather, Stocks and More. The weather widget can show local weather and the stocks widget can show whatever equities and funds you want. Use the icon on certain widgets’ title bars to personalize them.
More Colors than Joseph’s Coat. Enjoy a variety of fun themes to make your page to fit any mood or preference. Try them out under the Personalize menu and then use the “Rearrange Widgets” tool there to put everything in the exact place you want it.
Dig Deeply into God’s Word. Over the coming weeks, we are building out a library of sermons and devotionals cross-referenced with the Bible. Use our search tool to look up Bible passages and find related messages to better understand and apply them. (The selection of messages will greatly expand in the near future.)

Want to know more about how to take full advantage of FaithTree.com? Visit the FaithTree User’s Guide for more details on how to setup your page to serve your needs. We hope you enjoy using FaithTree.com and that you will tell others about us!