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FaithTree User's Guide

Thank you for choosing FaithTree.com to help you connect to the latest news, weather, Christian life stories, culture, devotionals and more. If you are brand new to FaithTree, please check out our quick start overview. Further details are included below on how to take full advantage of FaithTree. FaithTree.com is a free and ad-free service of FaithTree Christian Fellowship; if you appreciate it, please consider making a donation to help this and our other efforts continue for years to come.

Getting Started

FaithTree.com is centered around the Widget View and the Feed Reader. Both of these views show the same channels you select, but in different ways.

The Widget View shows each channel as headlines in a separate box (“widget”). There are many channels you can choose from and you can rearrange their locations to make it easy for you to survey your different sources on each visit. On larger screens, the page is divided into thee columns; on small screens (such as your phone), it all flows into one longer column.

The Feed Reader shows the same channels you select for the Widget View, but as a “feed” similar to the news feed on Facebook or Twitter. Unlike the Widget View, the Feed Reader shows a portion (or sometimes all) of the article and not just the headline, hence why it is called the feed reader. By default, the Feed Reader hides stories you have already read on previous visits, so that you can dive directly into fresh content. You can view all of your subscribed channels at once or you can separate them into multiple tags, such as one for Christian life, one for automotive news and one for cooking. Widgets such as weather and stocks also appear on this view and can be rearranged to your liking.

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