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FaithTree Pro

A Thank You for Supporting the Ministry

FaithTree Pro is a set of upgraded features around the FaithTree Network enabled by any donation of $2/month or more (or the equivalent over a year). It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting this ministry and offsetting the cost of running some of those features.

Grow Pro (BibleBot AI)

FaithTree Pro enables unlimited use of our BibleBot AI technology when using FaithTree Grow for Bible searches. You can describe a passage you’re looking for and BibleBot AI will find it, even if you don’t remember the exact wording of the passage. Need a passage that fits a situation or occasion? Describe it and BibleBot will make suggestions.

When you load a Bible passage, whether using a verse reference, normal text search or the above AI search, BibleBot AI also generates a custom set of commentary resources for the specific passage you look up. Want a commentary on a single verse to better understand it? An overview of a dozen verses together? BibleBot AI will do that for you, providing an overview, cross-references, theological comments and connections to literature.

Anagramle Look Back

Do you enjoy our daily FaithTree Games? FaithTree Pro enhances your daily visit to Anagramle by giving you an insight into how your word choices from yesterday compare to the best scoring words you could have played.

More to Come

We’re enabling more FaithTree Pro features, so please keep checking back to learn about the latest available functions!

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