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Adding Custom Channels

If you want to add a channel subscription for a publication that is not included in our channel directory, you can do so if that site offers what is known as an RSS feed.

Rearrange Widgets in Widget View or Feed Reader

You can arrange the widgets on your Widget View or Feed Reader page by going to the “Personalize” menu and clicking “Rearrange Widgets.”

Personalize Your Page's Appearance

Your page doesn’t need to look like everyone else’s! Use the “Change Theme” tool in the “Personalize” menu to pick out a color scheme for the pages of FaithTree.com. Your page will change in the background as you select different options, making it easy to preview and find the right theme quickly.

Personalize the Customizable Channels

FaithTree includes some special customizable channels, able to be set to show content that is of interest specifically to you. Presently, FaithTree offers three such customizable channels: Weather, Stocks and Local COVID-19 Reports.

Organizing Your Channels with Tags

A powerful tool in the Feed Reader view is channel tagging. For example, you may want to divide the channels you subscribe to up into “Must Read Everyday,” “Fun Reads for the Weekend,” and so on. You can accomplish this by clicking the tag icon () next to each channel in the “Pick Channels” box (under the “Personalize” menu) or at the foot of each article from the channel in the Feed Reader mode.

Managing Channel Subscriptions

Both the Widget View and Feed Reader view display the different channels you choose to subscribe to. (Don’t let the term “subscribe” scare you — all of those “subscriptions” are free.) These subscriptions are managed in the “Pick Channels” box, which is found in the “Personalize” menu. When you launch the “Pick Channels” box, it will list the channels you are presently subscribed to, along with buttons to unsubscribe from channels or to create tags for them.